Identity Theft Using Technology

Posted on April 27, 2011

Identity theft happens when someone uses another’s personal identifying information such as name, social security number or credit card number without any permission or consent in order to commit fraud or other crimes. It used to be that people would just have to look out for old-fashioned stealing where wallets, purses or mail is physically taken. Stealing of personal records or bribing someone who has access to such records is another form.

The convenience provided by advanced technology has spawned a corresponding evil which people with less than good intentions and substantial technical know-how use to their advantage. One specific method that was introduced by regular computer use is phishing where perpetuators pretend to be financial institutions or companies and send spam or pop-up messages to get the user to reveal personal information.

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Get Accessorized

Posted on February 9, 2011

The hottest gifts today are tech related. Everyone wants to have the newest and the most advanced technology there is. Not only do these gadgets and devices make our lives much easier, but they are also somewhat of a status symbol. Mobile phones are obviously a must have, and now with the extremely sophisticated smart phones out there, there is hardly a reason to have any of the other bunch of gadgets that exist. However, people do find a reason for them. There are however, slightly larger devices that may not do as many things as a smart phone but at the same time are just as important. Some of these devices include a 1tb external hard drive and a laser printer.

The former is a must have, unless you want to take a chance of losing all of your files. These days, external hard drives are extremely compact, yet can hold a lot. There are a bunch of manufactures for these external hard drives so find out which will be most compatible with your computer. Moving on, laser printers have replaced the good old black and white printer. You don’t have to worry about running out of ink as often or about presenting a poor quality document. These printers do such a great job you will not believe it hasn’t been professionally printed. Whether you are purchasing one of these items for yourself or as a gift, make certain the necessary research has been done prior to purchasing it.

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The Art of Natural Surveillance

Posted on February 2, 2011

Surveillance need not be all technology and gadgets. This has been proven to a certain degree in the aspect of crime prevention through environmental design. This idea features “defensible space” models which rely on the ability to influence offender’s decision preceding criminal acts. It is based on the theory that the decision to offend or not is influenced by the perceived risk of detection and apprehension.

The opportunity for crime is limited by a design that maximizes usability and foster positive social interaction. This makes the offender feel increased scrutiny and limitations to escape routes. In reality, it is not only the fact that offenders might be seen that matters, but how much the offenders “think” they will be seen. Natural surveillance might just succeed where technology failed.

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Keyword Dilution

Posted on December 24, 2010

Many sites enjoyed good ranking until they decided to go for keyword dilution. Keyword dilution is basically stuffing as many keywords or key phrases as possible in one page. Although the right keyword or key phrases may hold the key to the customer’s attention, too much of these words might actually work for the opposite and close the door for opportunities.

Major search engines do not really appreciate keyword dilution and show their distaste for it by dropping the sites altogether. Useless words are just that – useless. No reader would like to see unnecessary repetition of words such as “bags, red bags, white bags, blue bags…” when it can be written as “bags come in red, white, blue…” It is simply jarring to the senses.

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Web Hoax

Posted on November 27, 2010

Although the Internet has many great and helpful aspects, there is also one too many dangerous aspects. Children and teenagers especially can be victims of cruel Internet crimes and hoaxes, such as the hoax that the young Megan Meier fell prey too. This teenage girl thought she was chatting with a young fifteen year old boy, when in reality it was all a hoax aided by Lori Drew, a Missouri resident. The people behind the phony MySpace account sent many hurtful messages to Megan, which eventually sent her over the edge. She hanged herself after not being able to tolerate the bullying and cruelty any longer. The girl suffered from ADD and depression, but nevertheless those who created the hoax are being held responsible for the consequences.

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HTC Dream Gadget

Posted on November 13, 2010

Everyone has a dream and for many gadget and cell phone lovers the HTC Touch HD is it. This device is not only gorgeous but has a larger screen the iPone! It has a stylus, comes with an eight gigabyte memory card, has fantastic graphics, and is only slightly thicker than the ultra thin iPhone. Though the price is a bit high, the HTC Touch HD is quite the dream gadget and should make for some great stocking stuffing this year.

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Moving Along with the Times

Posted on October 31, 2010

One of most common topics for mockery these days is one’s lack of technology knowledge. It is fun, to poke fun at those, especially those among us who are young and should know these things, who are oblivious to the rapidly advancing world of technology. When it’s an elderly family member, it’s understandable, but even when it’s a parent who doesn’t know the difference between a computer and a monitor, or even worse, it’s pretty hilarious. But not everything is changing. Yes, film is pretty much obsolete, as are cassettes, CDs, and maybe soon even DVDs. However, there are devices printers and faxes which are still around, and probably will be for a long time to come. This means that the need for items such as ink cartridges is very much real. This may make us feel a bit primitive, since everything else we use, phones cameras, music players, are sort of self sufficient. We don’t need to put anything in such as a disc or roll of film. We just have to recharge it from time to time. That’s all. But ink cartridges, that must be stock up or refilled, constantly. Otherwise, you are stuck, and your big old printer won’t be much of a help.

Until someone comes to a solution for the need for ink, it is wise to always have a stock of ink cartridges around for your printer. There are many types and brands such as genuine Canon ink cartridges, which are some of the better ones on the market. These cartridges may be sort of “primitive” but we sure as heck still need them.

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Free for Freedom

Posted on October 2, 2010

The term “free software” associated with programs such as Linux immediately connotes the absence of monetary cost which may be true in one aspect. More importantly though, free refers to the freedom given with its use.

Users are free to run the program for any purpose. They are free to study how the program works and adapt it to their specific needs. The freedom to redistribute copies to help others is also provided while the freedom to improve the program and release such improvements to the public ensures that the whole community benefit from it. A program can only be considered free software if these freedoms are afforded to the users irrevocably as long as they do nothing wrong.

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More Storage at Home and On the Go

Posted on September 28, 2010

External Hard DriveMost of us own at least one computer, and use it almost daily. Those of us who use our computer on a daily basis have two computers, whether at home or at work, including a desktop and a laptop. Work and personal files can take up a lot of space especially if they are being stored on one computer. In addition to having a limited amount of space, heavy computer users will find that they are constantly in need of more storage space. External hard drives can solve both of these problems by providing safe backup along with plenty of extra storage. External hard drives come in many different sizes with different memory sizes as well such as the 1tb external hard drive. There are many manufacturers that offer these convenient hard drives such as Western Digital, Toshiba, Iomega, Buffalo, Seagate, Samsung and Lacie. Today these devices can be obtained at extremely reasonably prices.

Whether you are a home laptop user, a work laptop user, both, or a combination of a desktop and laptop user, you will find external hard drives to be very useful and helpful. You won’t have to look for files to delete in order to make room for new ones. Nor will you have to have a reoccurring nightmare about what you will do if your computer turns against you and crashes. You can sleep peacefully and know that your files are safe and sound and that there will be room in the morning to add more work and personal files. External hard drives look like miniature books and are constantly getting more compact. This means they are becoming more attractive looking as well as easier to store. An External hard drive is a must for any major computer user.

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Sleeping Tight

Posted on January 8, 2009

Many underestimate the importance of getting a good night’s sleep. It is only when this is not possible that one begins to appreciate and understand what good, solid sleep can do for someone. It makes them more rested, less agitated, and helps them perform better in their daily tasks. There are a numbers of elements that contribute to one’s sleep, some that can be easily achieved while others are not so simple to come by. The time factor is something that one needs to try and control. Doing what one can, one should try and get as much sleep as possible. The location should be quiet and dark, and of course, there is the bed. Many suffer from lack of sleep and backaches and don’t even realize that their bed is to blame.

Getting an adequate mattress and bed is of utmost importance if sleep is what you are after. has a wide range of beds to choose from for excellent prices. On top of having the right bed, you need to have the right atmosphere, and that is where the bed comes in as well. Everything in a bedroom from the bed itself to the other furniture and decor can affect the environment of the room. If it gives off positive calming vibes, you can expect to sleep better. Lastly, and most important, but equally as difficult, one should make sure their mind is at ease so that their body can rest. For some achieving this last bit is impossible, and that is something that can take a while to solve. However, if these other aspects are dealt with, you will still have a much better chance of sleeping tight!

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